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This section of the website is designed to provide organizations planning flu clinics with the tools they need to turn their flu clinic into a fun Say "Boo!" to the Flu event for the entire family.

Say Boo! to the Flu Helps Families Scare Away the Flu
Say "Boo!" to the Flu will give busy families an easy way to help scare away the flu virus this fall. The Halloween-themed event will also offer fun, interactive games for families. Playing fun games and receiving free giveaways can help kids forget about their flu vaccination!

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Raise Awareness Through Media
You can raise awareness about the importance of flu prevention and promote your Say "Boo!" to the Flu event through local media outreach. Fill in this template media alert with your event's information and send to local news stations (television, radio and newspapers). You can also share with local newsletters, bulletin boards and calendar listings.

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Say Boo! to the Flu™ Poster

Increase event attendance - Say Boo! to the Flu poster:

Print this poster for quick tips on healthy habits for the family. Insert a sticker with your local event's information (dates, time and location) and hang up around town to increase attendance. Good locations to place the poster include schools, daycares, churches, libraries, community centers and doctors' offices.

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If you are printing the poster from your home or office, click 'print to fit' in the printing dialogue box so that the printer will scale the poster to whatever size paper you are printing on.

Say Boo! to the Flu™ Brochure

Spread the word about flu prevention Ð Say Boo! to the Flu brochure:

Educate your community about the importance of flu prevention. Print this brochure and distribute to attendees at your event.

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Other tips and tricks for hosting an event:
Use these tips to help make your event fun for the whole family:
  1. Hold your event near Halloween and encourage attendees to wear their Halloween costumes.
  2. Have the clinicians administering the shots and volunteers distributing materials also dress in their Halloween costumes.
  3. Offer face painting, coloring tables, games, storytelling and other fun activities for kids to help take the fear out of the flu shot.
  4. Make it a grandparents and grandkids day. To get the entire family out, encourage grandparents to bring their grandchildren to get vaccinated.
  5. Get a local restaurant or grocery store to donate a gift certificate and offer a chance to win for all who get vaccinated.
For more information about hosting a Say "Boo!" to the Flu event in your town, e-mail
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